SONIA 1 Published Results
The main scientific paper from the first study (SONIA 1) was published last week in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases. This study was the first part of the ongoing clinical trial, to find out what dose of nitisinone is best for patients. In today’s DevelopAKUre blog Oliver tells us about the results presented in the paper, and explains why they are important:

Get up to Date on SONIA 2
The SONIA 2 clinical trials will take place in three test centres across Europe. The first patients will begin on April 7th in Piestany, Slovakia. Our Liverpool centre will be the next to start on April 14th. The final location to start will be the Paris centre in France, which is scheduled to begin on May 12th. Dates may change so keep your eye out for updates.
For more information check out this great visual blogpost. For more information visit:

Announcing: Nitisinone Different Age Groups of Patients with Alkaptonuria
The study is designed to treat patients and find the optimal dosage of nitisinone to obtain maximal reduction in levels of homogentisic acid and maintain safe levels of tyrosine. The long term objective in the target population of pre-symptomatic patients is the prevention of the characteristic effects on joint cartilage and tendons.
This study is located in the US and is currently recruiting participants.